What more needs to be said?

Watch this video. You can’t make this stuff up. This is their own promotional material. Wait for the timestamp 1:44. Yup, that looks vibrant and life giving, no?

Sallon Fallon is the face (pun intended) and President for a well-known organization that exists to champion the supposed nutritional benefits of consuming animal fat, raw milk, and organs from cows. They claim cod liver oil is “our number one super food” (a). They suggest you “consume plenty of butter from grass-fed cows to ensure adequate levels of vitamins A, D and K.” And bless their hearts, they try their hardest to spread lies about vegetarianism (b).

We are WAPF! We eat healthier than those modern types who live off Coco-Puffs and Crisco pure vegetable oil!

Image credit: http://davidgumpert.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/sallyfallon9-10.jpg


6 thoughts on “What more needs to be said?

  1. As I’ve found out from reading “Proteinaholic”, the WAPF doesn’t even remotely follow what Dr Price was promoting in his time.


    1. Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ve added it to my library wish list! And yes, the WAPF camp (including Crossfit and Paleo fanatics) don’t bother reading their hero’s own material. They STRONGLY condemn carbs, yet Dr. Price, in his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” writes:

      “The basic foods should be the entire grain such as whole wheat, rye or oats, whole wheat and rye breads, wheat and oat cereals, oat-cake, dairy products, including milk and cheese, which should be used liberally, and marine foods.”


      1. Actually, neither the WAPF nor Sally Fallon condemn carbs. If you read her book, she shows how to prepare grains in healthier ways–the traditional ways our grandparents used to cook them (and our grandparents were often healthier). The PALEO people are against grains and dairy. Maybe try reading a bit more on both.


      2. I believe you should look into this more. Neither WAPF nor Sally Fallon promote avoiding grains and dairy. That is the Paleo people stating that.


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