The fat you wear causes diabetes (increased belly fat detrimental to insulin secretion & B-cell function)

2015-11-11 12.42.51 pm

Diabetes occurs when beta-cells no longer function properly or have been destroyed. “The main function of a beta cell is to produce and secrete insulin – the hormone responsible for regulating levels of glucose in the blood.” [a]

“This increase in abdominal obesity was inversely correlated with the evolution of insulin secretion and β-cell function [4]. These observations and those from other groups [5,6] raise the possibility that increased abdominal adiposity is deleterious to β-cells.

Conclusions: Accumulating evidence suggests that prolonged exposure to increased lipid concentrations is detrimental to pancreatic β-cells. These lipotoxic effects result in impaired insulin secretion and β-cell apoptosis, and may contribute to the loss of β-cell function in the pathogenesis of Type 2 diabetes.”

PMID: 18481955


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