Heme iron – type only found in meat – associated with type 2 diabetes (meta-analysis of 11 studies)

Heme iron exists only in meat and meat products…whereas non-heme iron is present in both plant and animal foods [40].

In this study, we found that heme iron intake and body iron stores were positively associated with an increased risk of T2DM [type 2 diabetes], after adjustment for known potential confounders. Although dietary total iron intake has been associated with prevalent T2DM in a cross-sectional study [18], our meta-analysis of prospective studies found no significant association of dietary intakes of total iron, non-heme, and supplemental iron intake with the risk of T2DM. The positive association we found between heme iron and T2DM was consistent with previous results from prospective studies evaluating the relationships between red meat (the major source of heme iron) and the risk of T2DM [33,34].”

2015-11-01 10.01.41 pm


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