21 vegetarians were given 250g of beef daily for 4-weeks…let’s guess what happened to their BP & cholesterol

“In a controlled trial, 21 strict vegetarians were studied prospectively for eight weeks: a two-week control period of the usual vegetarian diet was followed by four weeks, during which 250 g of beef was added isocalorically to the daily vegetarian diet and then by two weeks of the control diet. Plasma high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol did not change during the study, whereas plasma total cholesterol rose significantly by 19% at the end of the meat-eating period. Systolic blood pressure (BP) increased significantly during the meat eating by 3% over control values, whereas diastolic BP showed no major changes…The study suggests an adverse effect of consumption of beef on plasma lipid and BP levels.”

2015-11-01 08.01.25 pm


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