Impossible to produce atherosclerosis in carnivores like tigers, lions, dogs, etc. (But wait! Aren’t we carnivores?)

According to Dr. William Roberts, editor of the American Journal of Cardiology, “Atherosclerosis affects only herbivores. Dogs, cats, tigers, and lions can be saturated with fat and cholesterol, and atherosclerotic plaques do not develop.”

“Atherosclerosis is easily produced in nonhuman herbivores (eg, rabbits, monkeys) by feeding them a high cholesterol (eg, egg yolks) or high saturated fat (eg, animal fat) diet. These studies initially were done by some Russian physiologists beginning in 1908. And atherosclerosis was not produced in a minority of rats fed these diets, it was produced in 100% of the animals! Indeed, atherosclerosis is one of the easiest diseases to produce experimentally, but the experimental animal must be an herbivore. It is not possible to produce atherosclerosis in a carnivore but with one exception, and that is in carnivores that have hypothyroidism due to thyroidectomy.”

Dr. William Roberts, cardiologist at Baylor University and editor of the American Journal of Cardiology


So humans are 1.) the only carnivores that develop atherosclerosis or 2.) perhaps, not carnivores after all?

2015-10-30 04.24.47 pm


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